Reports and Publications


The Four Signs Your District is Ready for an Early Warning System Discussion Guide – Sept. 2016
This discussion guide provides a framework for facilitating four discussions—one for each of the four EWS readiness signs, and is designed to be flexible and accommodate districts of varying size and structure.

For districts without an EWS in place, this guide is intended to focus conversations and decisions about whether the district is ready for an EWS and when and how to proceed with EWS implementation if the district is ready. The discussion guide will help readers assess the degree to which each of four readiness signs exist within their districts and data systems.



Guidance Materials to Support the Use of Hawai‘i-Specific, Publicly Available Data Sources – March 2014
These guidance materials contain information about publicly available data sources that are specific to Hawai‘i and align with at least one of the Hawaii Partnership for Educational Research Consortium (HPERC)’s nine research priority areas. They also include guidance on how to access publicly available data sources, the questions that can be supported by the data sources, and the limitations of the data sources.

About REL Pacific

REL Pacific research alliances

Research Alliances: Putting Research Into Practice – February 2015
Interested in learning more about research alliances? This REL Pacific brochure explains the purpose and structure of research alliances, and gives examples of current research alliances. Find out the four primary focus areas of REL Pacific research alliances as well as how to get in touch with REL Pacific if you are interested in becoming a part of one.


About the Pacific Region – November 2014
Learn more about the geographically vast region served by REL Pacific. This 12-page context document explores the geography, demographics, and unique strengths and challenges in education in each of the Pacific seven entities: the Federated States of Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, Palau, Hawaii, Guam, American Samoa, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands.


REL Pacific Program Guide: Working Together to Answer Education Questions that Matter – June 2014
Learn more about REL Pacific, our current priority areas and how they serve research alliances, research studies, and partnerships. The guide also elaborates upon the Ask-a-REL service, technical assistance services, and resources on education in the Pacific region.

To view the introductory video to REL Pacific, please visit the About Us page.

Research Digests


Presented by REL Pacific at McREL: Available Resources and Work in Progress Volume 2 – August 2014
In our second research digest for 2014, Cross-Regional Educational Laboratory Studies are summarized by priority area: engaging families and communities in education; ensuring college and career readiness; optimizing data systems; and strengthening teacher effectiveness.


Presented by REL Pacific at McREL: Available Resources and Work in Progress – February 2014
The first research digest of 2014, this document outlines currently available resources and upcoming studies from REL Pacific, including: the Education Logic Model application; the Program Outcomes, Measures, and Targets application; the Five Steps for Structuring Data-Informed Conversations and Action in Education guide; Pacific Educational Conference presentations; and Ask-a-REL responses.


Presented by REL Pacific at McREL: A Summary of Cross-Regional Educational Laboratory Studies – August 2013
This six-page research digest introduces readers to the purpose and design of several REL studies that focus on engaging families and communities in education, ensuring college and career readiness, and strengthening teacher effectiveness.