Informed by an extensive needs-assessment process, REL Pacific has identified four top priority issues in the region:

1. Strengthening Teacher Effectiveness: a focus on increasing teachers’ qualifications, determining characteristics of effective teachers, and identifying the best classroom practices to impact student outcomes;

2. Engaging Families and Communities in Education: a focus on connecting schools, families, and communities to work together to support learning;

3. Ensuring College and Career Readiness: a focus on preparing students to enter the workforce or to pursue college or technical education upon exiting Pacific high schools; and

4. Optimizing Data Systems: a focus on developing, maintaining, and using data systems effectively and efficiently to impact student achievement.

Our plan of work addresses these four priority areas by leveraging the talent and resources of the region, particularly among members of our research alliances, which bring together education agency staff, data experts, policymakers, and practitioners to work collaboratively to address problems and questions of high priority and relevance to Pacific education. Working together with REL Pacific staff, Alliance members are expected to identify problems and questions that can be answered through research and evaluation, participate in the development of longitudinal data systems, use research and evaluation study findings to inform decision making and practices, and apply the skills and knowledge they have gained to help others do the same.