Tools for Program Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation – The ELM and POMT apps

The Education Logic Model (ELM) Application

Create a logic model to ensure your program’s resources, activities, outputs, and outcomes are accounted for!

The ELM Application is a downloadable computer app that runs locally on Google Chrome and does not require you to connect to the Internet. The program guides you through a series of questions and gives you opportunities to enter your program resources, actions, and outcomes. Once all of your program information is entered, you will be prompted to draw lines between each component, illustrating their cause-and-effect relationships. The end result is a printable logic model which functions as a map for you and your team, visually connecting intended activities with intended outputs and outcomes.

Read more about the program by visiting the ELM page.


The Program Outcomes, Measures, and Targets (POMT) Application

Take program monitoring and evaluation to the next level!

For teachers, administrators, policy makers, and evaluators, program monitoring can be an important method for ensuring that programs run smoothly. The POMT app helps you create an ongoing plan for monitoring, measuring, and tracking outcomes over time to evaluate program effectiveness. Outcome components include indicators, measures, targets, benchmarks, and baselines.

Read more about the program by visiting the POMT page.