Guam Alliance for Family and Community Engagement in Education

The Guam Alliance for Engaging Families and Community in Education is a working group of family, community, and education stakeholders collaborating to identify and conduct research focused on successful educational outcomes for learners on Guam.

The goals of the alliance are:

  1. Promote and improve cross-cultural understanding, communication, teaching and learning for all learners on Guam.
  2. Foster partnerships among educators, students, families, community organizations, and researchers for the purpose of student success.
  3. Build local capacity to conduct educational research on family engagement practices on Guam that promotes student success.
  4. Secure and examine work that has already been done and advocate for the dissemination of what works in our communities.

Research alliance projects currently underway in Guam include:

Enrollment, Demographic, and Program Participation Characteristics of Guam’s Freely Associated State (FAS) Micronesian Students
Description: Guam is home to a diverse population, including a high percentage of indigenous Chamorro, Filipino and Micronesian residents. This study will address the need for more precise information regarding FAS Micronesian students in Guam Department of Education (GDOE) schools, a need resulting from a substantial migration of Micronesians from the FAS in Guam in recent years. Results will inform educators’ and policymakers’ need for information about this student population, as well as potential ways in which to engage families and the community to better serve Micronesian students.

Research Questions:

  1. What is the demographic profile of FAS Micronesian students and all other students enrolled in Guam’s public schools?
  2. What is the education program participation profile and percentage of FAS Micronesian students and all other students enrolled in Guam?
  3. What is the academic achievement profile of FAS Micronesian students and all other students enrolled in Guam public schools?

Technical Assistance to Support the Use of an English as a Second Language Observation Tool
Description: This project responded to a research alliance request for support in developing protocols for examining English as a Second Language instructional practice with elementary-level Micronesia migrant learners (MMLs) in Guam. In response to this request, REL Pacific provided the following multi-part analytic technical assistance:

  • Support in examining technical reports and psychometric qualities of the observation instruments chosen by the RA,
  • Orientation to relevant types of reliability and validity constructs,
  • Instruction in how to administer and accurately record observations in accord with the standardized procedures of the selected observation instrument,
  • Assistance in the design and selection of a representative and unbiased sample of elementary MMLs for their observation study,
  • Assistance in establishing inter-rater reliability among observers,
  • Support in database design for the management of observation data,
  • Instruction in how to conduct common descriptive statistical analyses with collected observation data, and
  • Assistance in organizing and preparing a research report following professional publication standards.

Research Questions:

  1. To what extent are the available observational protocols appropriate to the context of ESL instruction on Guam?
  2. What are the ESL instructional practices used with Micronesian migrant learners in Guam’s three study schools?
  3. How do the documented ESL practices resemble those suggested as “best” or “promising” practices with ELLs by the What Works Clearinghouse publications and other education research literature?

Toolkit of Resources for Engaging Parents and Community as Partners in Education
The Toolkit of Resources for Engaging Parents and Community as Partners in Education is designed to guide school staff in strengthening partnerships with families and community members to support student learning. This toolkit offers an integrated approach to family and community engagement, bringing together research, promising practices, and a wide range of useful tools and resources with explanations and directions for using them.

Member organizations:

  • Catholic Social Services
  • Department of Public Health and Social Services
  • Family-Community
  • Federated States of Micronesia Association of Guam
  • Guam Community College
    • College Access Challenge
  • Guam Department of Education
    • Assessment and Accountability
    • Chamorro and Special Projects Division
    • Curriculum and Instruction
    • DL Perez Elementary
    • Educational Support and Community Learning
    • Federal Programs, ESL
    • Finegayan Elem
    • Gate Program
    • Juan M. Guerrero Elementary
    • John F. Kennedy High School
    • Machananao Elementary
    • Research, Plannning, & Evaluation
    • Simon Sanches High School
    • Student Support Services
    • Truman Elementary
    • Vicente S.A. Benavente Middle School
    • Upi Elementary
  • Guam Humanities Council
  • Office of the Governor
  • Pohnpei Association of Guam
  • Project Karinu
  • University of Guam
    • Academic Assessment & Institutional Research
    • Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education
    • College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, English and Applied Linguistics
    • College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, Sociology
    • College of Natural and Applied Sciences, Communities, Youth, Families, Food & Nutrition
    • College of Natural and Applied Sciences Family, 4H & Health Nutrition Extension
    • Enrollment Management and Student Services, Dean’s Office
    • Micronesian Language Institute
    • Sea Grant Program
    • School of Business & Public Administration
    • School of Education
    • Talent Search, Upward Bound, and Student Support Services
    • Sanctuary Inc.

The research alliance leads for the Guam Alliance for Engaging Families and Community in Education are Ben Cronkright and Nitara Dandapani.

Watch a video on projects from the Guam Alliance for Engaging Families and Community in Education: