Locally Based Consultants

An important part of the REL Pacific family is our “locally based consultants” who function as adjunct, part-time REL staff. The locally based consultants provide support for ongoing needs sensing, communication, and coordination of service delivery while serving as the point of contact for all REL work in their respective island community. Our locally based consultants are:

Roberta Abaday – Guam

Juan Lizama Babauta – CNMI

Dominic Fanasog (LBC contract not yet signed)  – Yap

Marlynn Halbert – FSM National

Jerome Ierome – American Samoa

Penny Jimmy – Pohnpei

Evelyn Joseph – Marshall Islands

Wilson Kephas – Kosrae

Brenda Alik Maddison – Marshall Islands

Paul Otoko – Chuuk

Elia Savali – American Samoa

Berry Moon Watson – Palau